Monday, November 23, 2009

Hmmm...making money

 KELANTAN FA 'contributed' million$ of 'fund' to Football Accosiation of Malaysia to date. That only from Kelantan. The contribution was mainly from fined and at the end of the day, FAM will be laughing all the way to the bank. FAM now have the potential to  'make' money from the local league instead of developing the game. Maybe that why FAM do not want to go hard against Kelantan for their fans behaviour because they might 'losing income'...hehehehe. Going hard meant that Kelantan fans will be more behave and FAM cant' make money from there. If all the team's supporters in the league go wild in every match, FAM will be the richest association with more money coming in from fines....Well...go hard on this isues please, otherwise Malaysian  football will collapse... 

MSN Sports Carnival

IT was a fun  day for sports journalists yesterday, Sunday Nov 22. Fantasic turn out at the Media-MSN 5 Aside Football tourney held at MSN ground in Bukit Jalil. As 'expected' host, MSN emerged champion after defeating TV3 stars 2-1 in the final. Well...should give MSN the title anyway... otherwise no cooperation for stories (is it?). Who win is not a question but most important thing here is participation. Great job MSN for organising the tournament again this year and at least my fellow friends in the local media organisation have room  for recreation. Team of the tournament should be given to 'The Malay Mail' represented by established bloggers. They know they're not going to win any matches (maybe i'm wrong), but what impressed me was their spirit. So watched out for the team next year, I'm sure they will come back strongly and are they going to drop 'utility'player, Rizal Hashim my good friend who established himself in the ping pong tournament with deadly smash and service. But his teamate, Khawari Isa of Berita Harian revealed that Rizal 'punca kekalahan. Well, third placing in ping pong was an achievement anyway......hahaha.