Saturday, December 19, 2009

Golden finish

WOW....golden finished by the Malaysian Under 23 football team in Laos. The squad under the command of coach, K.Rajagobal won gold at the 25th SEA Games after defeating Vietnam 1-0 in the final.
Great job boys and should keep it up in our efforts to bring glory to Malaysian football. Malaysia have been waiting for 20 years to win gold at the SEA Games and on Thursday (18 Dec), it was delivered in a fantastic manner.

This is not the end of the road, there's still along way to go. We already did it at the SEA Games and next should be at Asian level....then Olympic...and then think of stepping into the World Cup. And to FAM, please beef up development programmes from as early as 12 years old...Our Under 23 team has been together for quite sometimes and only now they produced result. There should be more international exposures for the team after this and don't just keep them at home. I think, international exposures gone through by the Under 23 team throughout 2009 help them to excel. They displayed confidence and look a bit more matured with their game.
I can say that this is the best achievement (though SEA Games I considered as lower class event compared to Asian Cup) by our national football team. They outplayed two South East Asian giants in Laos - Vietnam and Thailand.
I also have the feeling that, incentives announced by FAM earlier before the final, boosted the spirit of the players (I hope i'm wrong). If incentives works.....and boosted the morale of the players, so why not do it as long as Malaysian football achieve success. Sometimes cash incentives help...hahahaha...( just like civil servants when they cashed out their yearly bonus from the goverment, and their productivity it right?)
Anyway....congratulation to the Malaysian Under 23 football team who really done a great job to win the 20 years wait gold medal. Strive harder boys....and should look forward at Asian level after this. The last time we achieved victory at Asian level was way back in 1960s which saw our national team won bronze in Tehran, Iran.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

'Year-end holiday in Vientiane'

 YESTERDAY, Malaysia's Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek voiced out his anger at certain Malaysian sports officials at Laos SEA Games. He launched a warning - " This is not a place for holiday."
Officials appointed as team managers had their task and their trip to Laos were fully taken care by the goverment and that's what he had to say when he found out there were officials reported to sneak out from their duties. Some managers were found 'playing around' without taking full responsibilities of their athletes needs.
Well Datuk....this is not a new story with Malaysia contingent. Same old stories actually. To avoid this in future - get the right people to get things done. No room anymore please for these kind of officials. Get the warning implemented. No point talking with out any action.

SEA Games made in Laos

THE South East Asian (SEA) Games 25th edition declared open last night. It was a first for Laos to host the games since it's establishment in 1959, with the first being hosted by Thailand from December 12 to 17 1959. Despite the financial burden faced by Laos to host the games, but they never gave up hopes and continued their struggle to make it happen. Yesterday, as the games officially opened it's curtain, Laotian were smilling with joy as the prestigious event in this region finally landed right infront of their door step.
But sad to say that the games 25th edition will not be enjoyed by all the ASEAN countries as there were some 'hanky panky' with tv rights.
Laos was reported to have endorsed Thailand based company to sell the right and the charge was so expensive.
Previous games was enjoyed by millions of viewers throughout the region as there were simple procedure to get the tv right. But this time around, it was charge for millions of dollars.
In the end only certain countries willing to pay, but not Malaysia. Malaysia's based tv station (RTM) cannot afford to provide the budget to get the right and local sports followers only follow print media reports to keep in touch with the happenings in Laos.

But, if RTM really want to get the tv right, it shouldn't be a problem. There's always a way if they are willing to do so...seems that the interest is not there and the local sports enthusiasts would not be able to capture the action of Malaysian athletes at the games.
I think, RTM doesn't show much interest to promote the sports...even sports programmes doesn't get much airtime lately. SEA Games held every two years and I see no reason why they can't spent some RMs to get the right.