Sunday, September 27, 2009

Malaysian slogans

Success yet to be seen. (still very new in the 'market' anyway and now RTM is promoting the slogan very hard with their Salam 1Malaysia at the end of their prime news.(it sound so weird). But why before this RTM news casters never said Salam Malaysia Boleh at the end of their prime news...huh!) Anyway the message of 1MALAYSIA is very clear - to unite various races in the country. Meant that to make this country a very peacefull place to stay. No more robbery at 24 hrs outlet, bank or kedai emas, no more snatch thieves, no more house breaking, no more killing in the street, no more 'merempit' on the highways, no more 'mercun' blown up during festive season ( if no more mercun blown up, that showed our enforcement are doing their job to stop the activity. If there's still sound of mercun in town, meant that our enforcement are not doing their job, not only stop smuggling of mercun plese, but also stop the drug activities as well - the number ONE 'racun' in the country which destroyed the lifestyle of our youngsters.) That the objective of 1MALAYSIA, to teach the rakyat to be well behaved. Get it done to ensure a more disciplined Malaysian. What ever it is, I still hope we still feel proud with our lagu Negaraku.

I think, this is the best slogan. MALAYSIA BOLEH tell everything. The world recognised us through MALAYSIA BOLEH. We excel in sports, economic and this is the time when Malaysia built the tallest twin building in the world. Malaysia is the only country in the wolrd to have twin building - the tallest twin. MALAYSIA BOLEH also put us in the Formula One map with the establishment of Sepang Circuit (may be i'm wrong), the new high class international airport (KLIA), crossing the English Channel by Datuk Malik Mydin), organisng the Commonwealth Games just to name a few. We also have a well respected leader, Tun Mahathir (a leader i respect most who saved our country from being victimised by IMF. If not, we will suffer now). I think MALAYSIA BOLEH is still the best battle cry for Malaysian to achieve greater success.


I got no idea with this slogan. Nothing much being seen except the rulling party lost few states to opposition. Is it sound CEMERLANG?

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