Thursday, September 7, 2017

The new look Harimau Malaya

THE new look Harimau Malaya drew 1-1 with Hong Kong in the Asian Cup 2019 qualifier at Hang Jebat Stadium, Melaka on Tuesday night.
They almost ended the game with a defeat following a last minute penalty awarded by the controversal ref from Australia.
Thanks to a brilliant saved by the home team keeper who denied the visitors to walk away with three points.
One point gained from the match was something to be proud off for the new look Malaysian squad who displayed convincing football throughout the game.
With the new coach,Viganda in charge, there were few things that impressed me from the game namely;
1. The players displayed high level of confident (I hope not because of having the advantage playing on home soil)
2. Players were more confident holding the ball compared to their previous style of play.
3. There were more 'thinking footballer" in the squad, they were more creative to launch their moves.
4. Players vision were wide, they dont simply wasted the ball once they are in controll.
5. Fitness level were fantastic
6. Most department functioning very well and there's no 'passenger' in the starting eleven
7. Shown great improvement with short passes and handling of the ball.
8. Set-pieces were well organised
From my personal view, there's hope for a bright future provided the players be prepared to change their mentality.
With the right coach, I can say that Malaysian football will be back to it's glory days.
Good luck Harimau Malaya.

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